amw (amw) wrote,

Christmas indeed!

It's the merry season, and our gay neighbor has strung up a strand of lights around the door. I haven't seen any other houses done up, but then even though i'm in the suburbs i'm not in the family suburbs. Next apartment block over are continuing to dump trash on the sidewalk. And i swear if i find out one of those gangsta kids was the fuck who stole my hubcap and attempted to slash my tyre i'm gonna go psycho on them. Or not. That was small fry compared to the possums who shit on my car every day. Ahh, Christmas, hot and humid nights, geckos and stick insects and cockroaches. I feel very jolly.

And funnily enough, i really do. The last three weeks i have been stressing about exams, but last night i got the last one out of the way. Two days ago i was given a raise (my first in 4 years!) My car's humidity problem has been fixed, as has the jammed lock that the fucks who tried to break in left behind. All praise teh mighty gods of WD-40. I have a package of gifts from T. My package arrived in time over there (though i do feel bad i didn't get her better gifts - if only i'd known the raise was coming...) I've spoken to my teachers for next term and gotten an assignment extension for the whole class due to textbooks not being delivered on time. Christmas and Boxing Day fall on the weekend so i have four days off. Fuckin hell yeah.
Tags: my boring life

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