amw (amw) wrote,

gotta live, gotta live, gotta live

I was trying to remember the first time the coppers really made me resent them.

We were sitting in a garage at my dad's place in Christchurch New Zealand. I don't remember what year, but it was early/mid 90s. I was on Christmas holiday. I was a young teen who had just discovered techno music and clubbing in Europe. I was all metrosexual and bleach blonde and gaunt as fuck. My mullet had been shaved a couple years earlier. Going back to New Zealand was like going back to the stone age.

Fucking. Fucking fuck Nirvana. That was a thing that happened in the 90s. They ruined everything that was awesome about rock music, which was the theatrical campiness of it all.

Anyway, i didn't give a shit about Nirvana because by that point i was listening to techno. But that Christmas i went back to New Zealand they were listening to post-Nirvana guitar music because Kurt was dead. I remember L7 being a big thing. Also Pearl Jam.

And Live. Fucking Live. We drank a lot of bourbon and coke. That was very New Zealand, bro. Cuz. Cuzzy man bro. Bourbon and coke and drunk-driving shitbox cars round a small town. Going fishing. Smoking bowls. Y'all country folk know what i'm talking about.

We were in the garage, middle of the night, very drunk, doing what we called "spots", which was taking hash and pressing it between two knives heated red-hot on the BBQ, then sucking that smoke up through a cut-off 2L coke bottle.

Like, i fucking hate pot, but i was a kid and when you're a kid you'll do anything that gets you high. You gotta try it all till you figure out your drug of choice, i guess.

Spoiler: my drug of choice is most assuredly not marijuana.


We were singing along to Live - Shit Towne. It was fucking anthemic.

Listening to it 25 years later... bro. Cuzzy man bro. It's still pretty epic, ay. I don't live in a shit town any more, but gettin' drunk in my own damn apartment in a city of 20 mill, i can remember exactly how it felt to be young and stuck in a suburban/country hell hole screaming "gotta live, gotta live, gotta live, SHIT TOWN!" with my buds.

Anyway, yeah. The cops showed up and gave us a right talking to. I guess they couldn't be bothered arresting anyone that day. We had enough white people to balance out the Maori bros. They told us to turn it down.

We didn't.


PS. I know i haven't written recently. It will come. Golden Week messed up my whole routine. Work is killing me. Bla bla. Gotta live, gotta live, gotta live.
Tags: i am durnk, looking back

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