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The Firday Five for 8 November 2019: Durnk

1. What could you do for an hour or so today that you would really enjoy doing?

Drink. Definitely drink more beers.

2. What could you do for an hour today that might improve your life in the future?

Not drink.

3. What could you do for an hour today that could strengthen or improve a skill you would like to be able to rely on?

I could sign up for HSK4 (Chinese certification), but i won't because see above.

4. What could you do for an hour today that would make your living space more pleasant to live in?

I already did! A couple hours ago i knocked over the folding table that one of our concierges "kindly" donated to me when they saw that i had literally no furniture in my house other than the bed that came with the house. The folding table had been annoying me in my sober state, but i suppose if you're drunk and knock shit over then why not fold it up and go to the top floor to dump it.

Y'all. Did you know that the 12th floor elevator stop literally opens out to a fucking rooftop? I did not know this. I took the folding table up to the open air rooftop. One side i could see the village. Other side i could see the university. Mountains around. We're in a bit of a bubble here, isolated from the rest of the city. This is the bestest part of Shenzhen. I came to that conclusion after i decided not to throw myself off the roof.

Anyway, i realized i was on the wrong level so i went down to 11, which is where all the abandoned furniture goes, but it was pitch black so i could not see if i should adopt another furniture to replace the folding table i dropped off. I dunno, whatever. I'm fine with leaving all my shit on the floor in my apartment. I guess just other people think that's weird.

5. What could you do for an hour today that would improve your relationships with loved ones?

I don't have any loved ones, and that's the goddamn greatest. Life is miserable when you owe people.
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