amw (amw) wrote,

How Jolly Am I?

Pretty fuckin jolly is what. I'm home before 5pm. I have a carton of beers, a dozen in the fridge. I have four days off. My books arrived for school (finally) so i can start on this term's stuff. It's not too blistering hot. w00t.

It occurred to me the other day i have had more Christmases in summer than in winter. 1980-1986 were winter. 1987-1992 were summer. 1993-1994 winter. 1995 summer. 1996 winter. 1997-2000 summer. 2001 winter. 2002-2004 summer. 11 winters and 13 summers. And summer still doesn't feel like Christmas. But it does too. Christmas in the northern hemisphere always meant family and getting together at home with big dinners and pudding and those little Jesus action-figure things, but Christmas down here is chilling out with beers, maybe a barbeque, going to the beach, hanging out with mates. I guess it's still Christmas, just not the same.

I'm also more Australian than anything else right now (7 years!) Yes, i say "i reckon" and "rocked up" and "mate" and "bogan" and "hey" on the ends of my sentences and ... stuff. I still don't have many friends here, i can't let go of that fantasy that somehow magically tomorrow i will be flying back to America, to T, but yanno... i'm pretty damn Aussie in spite of it all.

Anyhoo, i guess i should get drunk and play some computer games and read some comics and watch some movies and see what people are doing the next couple days, enjoy my days off and kick the shit and stuff. Yeah. That's what i'm gonna do. Have a merry Christmas y'all, enjoy being rugged up in furs and whatnot and the two (?) of ya on my friends list down here... enjoy the sun and surf and sand and beer :-)
Tags: alcoholism, manic, straya

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