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Boxing Day
singapore sunset
That's the day with the... boxes... and... stuff. Christmas Recovery Day. Mmm. I am so lazy. I woke up Christmas morning around 6am lying down in the back yard with a splitting headache. A friend of mine had locked himself out of his house Christmas Eve so i brought him over and we proceeded to get very, very drunk. It was cooler outside than inside. At least, i think that's the reason i was passed out in the yard. So i kicked him out and then had a shower and then went back to (real) bed for a bit and got up a few hours later feeling less seedy. "Real" Christmas morning i had my special Christmas breakfast (bowl of cereal) and jumped onto my bed with special Christmas teddybears (the usual suspects) to open my special Christmas gifties. T sent me lots of cool stuff that i will try use to make cool photos. (Cryptic, eh? Muahahaha!) The rest of the day was spent with me cursing at the stupid telephone that refused to call overseas so i couldn't call to say thank you and merry Christmas. Eventually i just got mopey. And then mom called, who i haven't spoken to in... since... last year? Anyway, caught up on all the family news and stuff. I didn't puke. This automatically makes Christmas 2004 one hell of a lot better than Christmas 2003. And Christmas 1995 for that matter. Puking on Christmas is gay.

Today was the aforementioned Christmas Recovery Day, though i didn't really recover so much as... nothing. I sat on the couch watching TV. I lay on my bed reading comics. I sat on the couch watching TV. I smoked cigarettes. I ate nachos. I lay on my bed reading comics. I sat on the couch watching TV. I also flaked out of going to a party tonight because i didn't feel like driving. Or more, i didn't feel like driving and then getting stuck somewhere not being able to drive home. Being lazy kicks ass. Tomorrow i go on a mission, however. I am going to find me a working phone card so hopefully i can still get a chance to call T on this break. And i guess i should try do some school work, catch up on everything that i haven't been able to do because my textbooks didn't arrive. And probably sleep more and do more nothing aswell.

It was a pretty good Christmas all round, i'm just really bummed i didn't get to call T :-( It means so much to me to hear her voice, whatever the occasion. I hope she had a good time, and everyone else too. Ha! Maybe next year i will try to avoid both puking AND being hungover. And shitty phone cards that don't work. Yeah.


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