amw (amw) wrote,

Would you buy a week off for 1000€?

This is the first job i've had where you can buy annual leave. You get 4 weeks = 20 days standard. Then you get 1 extra day, which might be because everyone in the China office must take annual leave on December 25, even though it's not a holiday. Then you get the 11 public holidays. So 6 weeks and 2 days all up.

But then you can buy more fucking days.

As soon as i discovered this was an option (and that you have to buy them in the previous year to spend in the next year), i maxed it out. I always have money i can't use left at the end of each month, and the reason i can't use it is because i am too busy working to spend any money. Why wouldn't i buy more days?

It turns out that even though it's called "buying" annual leave, what it really comes down to is unpaid leave. It cost me a bit over 1000€ to buy the maximum 5 days. If you think about it as 200€ a day, that sounds like an incredibly huge amount of money - more than you'd spend on an entire week-long vacation, travel included!

Then it occurred to me that a week of my salary must be around that much. So this isn't much of a "benefit".

I then proceeded to message R in Canada and i asked her if she would pay 1500CAD for 5 days off work. She said yes, in a heartbeat.

Time is better than money.

Would you trade a week's pay for a week off?
Tags: career, my boring life

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