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More fascist nonsense

I am absolutely fucking livid. I can't remember if I wrote about it, but a few weeks ago after I got home from work I went to get BBQ like I normally do and all the streets were completely silent. Every restaurant that normally has tables on the street, every place that cooks in the alleys, all shut down. I walked further and further through the village until I found one street where the dapaidang (open air restaurants) still had tables on the street.

Then a swarm of at least 20 uniformed police came through and kicked out diners who were eating their meals and shut down all the restaurants.

I was extremely pissed off, but I figured it was just some performative bullshit, the usual nonsense that the government pulls every now and then just to remind the people that they are less than dirt and the only ones who matter are party members and the rich.

Yeah, no. If it wasn't enough to have removed all the street vendors from my street, gradually pushing back the opening times from 7pm to 8pm to 9pm to now a very small window just before midnight... Now they have literally posted police officers at every restaurant in the village. I am not even joking. There are two police standing in front of every restaurant making sure the owners don't set a single plastic stool outside. It is absolutely fucking horrific. Gentrification out the barrel of a gun.

Oh, and the shop owners are pissed. My usual BBQ guy was milling around on the street, then nodded at the police and said to me "welcome to China, are you enjoying your stay?" Which the cops would understand to be a guy on the street being kind to a foreigner, but both the vendor and I know it is a continuation of the conversations we've had in the past about how the rich don't give two shits about poor migrant workers.

I asked another vendor I know who I get deep fried goodies from usually and she said she could give me takeout but I wouldn't be able to eat it on a plastic stool. Well, I wasn't the only one. Noone is eating anywhere because these fascist fucks have destroyed the village nightlife.

Oh, I guess they want everyone to order in. Or worse. Go to the fucking food court at the newly opened mall where food is literally 5 times the price of in the village, and it tastes like a limp American Chinese buffet.

It is absolutely infuriating to watch gentrification happen before my very eyes, literally on the orders of the so-called "people's" government. Yeah. Rich people's government. Most people living in this village can't afford to eat at KFC and Starbucks. But, I suppose, eventually all these low class people won't be able to earn money from making food and they won't be able to afford to eat at the few restaurants that are left and then they will move further out again. There will be plenty of bourgeois bootlicking shitheads to come in and take their place.

This is absolutely sickening. I am so fucking upset. It's not even gentrification over time, it's just like, bang, that's it, fuck everything that made this village good, it's Xi Jinping's suburban vanillafest from now on. Fuck Xi. Fuck the CPC. Fuck this fascist bullshit. I am so sick of this country.
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