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So today was first day back at work. Got up on time, jumped in the car, smooth drive, no traffic, like 25 minutes... Work went easy, just spent 8 hours straight developing, no serious support calls... Came home, checked my school message board. And ugh. The infamous assignment (that i haven't whined about yet) has been kinda altered yet again. I finished probably 80% of it yesterday and now the way the tutor has framed it it looks like i've been knocked back to about 50%. That's due on fucking Friday and i don't have time, i've got work to do and only one more evening to do it - tomorrow - because it's due Friday as soon as i get home from work. I'm very tired all of a sudden even after four days off. I'm very frustrated about school. I'm antsy that there's nothing happening this year for NYE and i haven't been out in ages and it's driving me crazy sitting here at home every weekend worrying about school all the time. I really need to vacuum and my body has just conked out on me. I have email to answer that i've neglected over this long weekend. I feel myself hitting that wall, going to that place i really don't want to go. This morning on Australia's version of The Today Show the presenters couldn't resist taking swipes at America how they're not giving enough money to Asia how they're covering it in an overly sensationalist fashion how that never would've happened for 9/11 how they're not caring enough and you know at 9/11 blah blah blah and it pissed me off and it was tasteless and unnecessary. Yes i'm whining, but you know it's been a while. I'm very tired and doing school alongside work is killing me. I so want to go out and party and forget about the OTHER assignments i have due on January 7. I want out.
Tags: anxiety, crazy, decrepit, manic, my boring life, news

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