amw (amw) wrote,

humans are trash

You know you watch those zombie movies and think "people wouldn't really turn into such assholes, we're better than that".

We're not better than that. This Wuhan virus is a piddling virus compared to fictional pandemics. A few thousand are definitely infected. Probably tens of thousands or maybe even a hundred thousand are quietly infected but didn't report because they're not dying. The vast majority of infected are not dying. This thing is Bad News, but so far it's still killing way less people than malaria or influenza.

And yet. Everyone has run to the store to clear out all the food. People aren't just doing a normal grocery haul, they're leaving the shelves bare.

Facemasks were already sold out everywhere a week ago, from the very first day the government mentioned this was a thing. The local government has now mandated that no one is allowed to enter a "public place" (whatever the fuck that means) without a mask, which has got me in a catch 22 because i cannot go anywhere to find a mask without a mask. This, despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence that a mask protects the wearer, it's just a way to prevent people who are already infected from coughing on people who aren't. And, by the most alarmist estimates, in this country of over a billion people less than 0.01% are infected, so fucking let's not go overboard.

Yeah, not like the Hongkongers. Lordy. Those clowns decided to chuck molotovs at a new public housing complex because the government wanted to use it as temporary quarantine site. Then their social media exploded over the border still being open. It got to the point that local medical workers threatened to strike, and now public transport across the border is shut down. Just when it seemed like Hongkongers might actually be legitimately anti-fascist, nah, just kidding. Call in the police. Don't let the sick recover in my back yard. Close the border. Anything to keep those dirty mainlanders out.

Korea seems likely to be next. Everyone hates the Chinese.

Great job, everyone, you're playing directly into Xi's hands.

Meanwhile up north end of the PRD some footage came out of a Guangzhou transit cop physically wrestling someone off the subway for daring to try ride it without a facemask. Hooray. That's exactly the kind of beatdown i wanted to avoid when i decided not to make a scene about being blocked from entering Rainbow the other day. Fuck the fucking police. Fuck this fucking fascist country.

But you know, this is not a China thing. It's just human beings showing their fucking asses. Here we are, virus outbreak. There's not even any fucking zombies and people have turned their paranoia and xenophobia up to 11. It's really disappointing. Humans are the worst.

Meanwhile... i am just hanging out at home doing nothing. Pretty much the exact same nothing i would've been doing if this thing hadn't broken out, considering it's the holidays. I guess nothing is what most of the country is doing. Unfortunately it only takes a few selfish types to harsh our mellow.
Tags: china, news, rants

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