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creeping authoritarianism

Today Shenzhen Noted had an excellent concise post called ghosts of the second line. To give a bit of context, "the second line" was an internal border inside Shenzhen that operated until 2010, to separate the outlying boroughs from the boroughs in the special economic zone along the Hong Kong border.

Money quote: The gates of Shenzhen University, for example, became operationalized during the student quarantine, and afterwards the guards continued to control access to the campus. Inspections in the metro became operationalized during the Universidade and continue to structure access in and out of the system. It remains to be seen how many of these extreme measures will be incorporated into our post 2019 n-CoV normal.

This is exactly what i was getting at in my post from Saturday. China's government is quite happy to "temporarily" tighten restrictions on the people and then never loosen them again. Since i have moved here, things have only gotten worse - more internet sites are blocked each month, more apps require real-name registration/photo ID, less public spaces are open to street vendors, more and more things are deemed inappropriate and scrubbed from the media (gay couples, gangster rappers, pop idols with earrings...) How far can they keep pushing people?

Today i worked from home. My concierge knocked on my door around 4pm to take my temperature. They have to take everyone's temperature once a day now, even if we do not even leave the building.

One of my coffees has left the Kunming depot and is en route to Shenzhen.

The other one is hanging in Taobao limbo somewhere in Yunnan province.
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