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village market grocery haul

Saturday night i got pretty drunk.

At some ridiculous hour of the morning i stumbled downstairs to the 美宜佳 to buy more alcohol, and i bought a mickey of 二锅头 ("two pot head") which is a type of Chinese 白酒 (white liquor, or baijiu). Baijiu is notoriously some of the strongest stuff out there. This one was 56%. So of course i thought it'd be a great mixer with Tsingtao beer. It's the Chinese stoli bolli, darling!

Surprisingly i did not injure myself or do anything more stupid than blacking out and apparently writing a vaguely amusing post on LiveJournal.

The next morning i had a very bad hangover. I also realized i had lost my facemask. Yep, same one i had been miserably reusing for a couple of weeks.

I dream that what happened is during my blackout i raged around the village cursing at Xi's fascist administration, then sat down in front of the police station, poured baijiu on the mask and set fire to it while chanting 光复深圳,时代革命 (liberate Shenzhen, revolution of our times!)

I think what actually happened is that i took it off, left the front door open to get some fresh air, then a big gust of wind came through the apartment and blew it away.

Which is all a very long way round to saying i don't have a facemask any more so according to regulations i am not supposed to go outside.

To quote The Prodigy: fuck 'em and their law!

Hey, we came right back round to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.

Anyway, i still need to buy food so instead of risking a kerfuffle at the checkpoint, this morning i decided to put on my bandana and do all of my shopping at the market.

Yeah, that's the size of my entire kitchen.

On the way to the market i got a 肠粉 for breakfast. The fact that pretty much the only restaurants open are 肠粉 places reveals the true nature of this village as a traditional home for Cantonese people. When all the migrant workers are allowed back in (assuming they ever are), the Sichuan and Hunan and Dongbei (north east) joints will likely reopen too.

The locals may be native Cantonese speakers, but they can still speak enough Mandarin to sell their wares.

Friends, this is my haul.

Clockwise from the top - 馍 or pita breads from the halal restaurant up the road, jasmine green tea from a corner shop, silky tofu and youxian tofu from the bean stall in the wet market, mangos from the fruit shop, peanut oil from the drygoods stall and 王老吉 herbal tea from the corner shop. In the middle where you can't see is also some peanuts from the drygoods guy.

All of these things are from the vegetable stall at the wet market: napa cabbage, carrots, cilantro, spring onion, garlic, ginger, chilis, gai lan, king oyster mushroom, ong choy.

I didn't actually buy the spring onion and cilantro, but i think because i have been going regularly they decided to toss in some for free to add a bit of different flavors to my food. To be honest, i love both of those ingredients and they are definitely a huge part of modern Chinese cuisine, but the reason i don't buy them normally is because they are not very hardy compared to garlic, ginger and chilis.

Thinking about it, if i start going to the market for my groceries, what i should really do is instead of buying 3 days worth of food at a time (this is 3 days worth of food, btw) i should just buy one day at a time.

It does throw a wrench in my mornings, though. I have a Zoom meeting in 10 minutes so i guess i better post this quick.
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