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Ranch and Tabasco.
singapore sunset
Fuckin a. So here's today's recipe, since i haven't had one for ages.

3 tunisian lamb sausages
1.5oz chopped lettuce
3 old el paso burrito tortillas
lots of paul newman's ranch dressing
1/3 a little bottle of tabasco

Fry up the sausages. Nuke the tortillas. Slice each sausage in two, chuck it in a tortilla, add other stuff and eat. Spilling hot saucey ranch all down your front for additional trashiness. Fuck yeah. Good eatin'.

Well happy new year everyone. I had an unexpectedly good one. I got way too drunk to go out before i got called around 1:30 with an invitation to go out, but yanno it was fun anyway. Been way too long and i do need to hear some of that good ol hard dance more often. Here's to The Beat and the new residents, just like the old ones :-)

Did a bunch of assignment stuff today as well as grocery shopping. I finally gave in and bought the aforementioned Tabasco because i've suffered like 9 months with no hot sauce. They don't sell anything but Tabasco here, and only in tiny bottles too. And Tabasco just doesn't do it for me compared to the shizzle that is Tapatio. I mean for starters it doesn't even have a sombrero on the label, and sombreros kick all ass. But after no hot sauce for months Tabasco is like fine wine. Or it would be if i liked wine. Maybe just like a fine 40 of cheap beer. Boo-yah. No accounting for taste, right? Well it was frickin good anyways. I'm hot and i don't care. I don't mind the heat so much when i'm at home and can wear next to nothing. It just sucks when you're out.

Anyway T is online and i am going to chat to her because she kicks ass too. Even more than Tapatio, no joke.

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fuck dude you sound like you're 15 heh.

i've decided 2005 i'm turning 15 instead of 25. that way i can be exxxtra dorky and you know you love it ;o)

That depends on my mood thank you very much. I myself fully intend to turn 30 in 26 days. I've earned it or something.

Tabasco + ranch is pretty good, however Frank's RedHot + Ranch is out of this fucking world... makes anything taste like buffalo wings. I'll have to look around those Tunesian sausages, though... not too common around here. Happy new year! :)

Don't taunt me with non-Tabasco hot sauce dude, that's just cruel! Those sausages, just got em from the grocery store, they had like 5 different varieties for new year's because it's BBQ and beer season right now. Looks like there are some decent recipes here, if you're keen on making your own: Really yummy, like spicey and garlic-y and stuff. Mmm hungry...

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