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It just occurred to me that every weekend of this lockout i have showed up at the convenience store downstairs to buy alcohol at ridiculous hours of the morning.

It started on January 31 (i think, i'm drunk, fuck, don't make me check my LJ history) when i took my Canadian friend R downstairs on a drunken Skype jaunt around my village. I felt very young back then, vlogging my ass around the village.

A month ago i was still thirtysomething.

The next morning they locked down my town, yo. 28 days later the fences are still up.

All bars in the city are closed, by government order. All KTVs are closed. All 大排档 (dà pái dàng) big outdoor restaurants are closed. All 烧烤 (shāo kǎo) BBQ joints are closed. Hell, all restaurants in my village are closed except for the 肠粉 places that only do business in the morn. The government has started allowing top tier restaurants to open in the major shopping malls, which basically means the shitty, expensive, bourgeois fucking restaurants i would never visit anyways. Working class restaurants are still not allowed to open.

I have distant rave buddies in Japan and South Korea whose gigs have been canceled. Everyone involved in event planning is getting their shit canceled. DJs, musicians, lighting guys, the works.

If the Chinese-style lockouts end up coming to other countries, every working class person is fucked. That's just how it is. No bars, no clubs, no restaurants, no coffee shops. No barbers, no beauty salons, no arenas, no gyms. If you don't work at a hospital or a grocery store or in home delivery, forget it, you are fucked.

I want to give you a song that is one of my favorites from a few years ago, from the days when i lived in Canada and wished i could move to Berlin, and then i did, and then i heard that song live in the fucking late, great Katerholzig nightclub and it was like Jesus himself came down to touch my forehead.

Chymera - Caprica Burning (Lake People Remix)

It was just an old synth nerd in a collared shirt but it was elysium.

I really fucking miss nightclubs. Raving is so important to me.

China did have a little bit o' the techno back in the day, but it was mostly rich people and expats. I kinda thought it was shit, but it was still better than nothing. Now coronavirus has hit, China legit has nothing. Absolutely nothing. Five fucking weeks, man! Nothing open. I am stirring my crazy with swizzle stick of baijiu and napa cabbage.

Anyway. Solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en. Fuck the RCMP. Fuck the unmounted "P" too. Fuck Brexit. Fuck Bojo. Fuck Xi. Fuck the CPC. Etc. I am exhausted.

Unfortunately, nobody really cares.

Listen to the song, it basically says everything i want to about the end of the world.
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