amw (amw) wrote,

i'll have a beer

So, in the spirit of every weekend since the lockdown began, i went to the 美宜佳. As it is, the local späti clerks understand my alcoholism better than anyone in my work or friends circles.

Hello my name is amw and i am a weekend alcoholic.

I bought me some beer and some baijiu because it is 3am Saturday morning and i am on lockdown and what else should you do?

But today i also made doe eyes at a pack of smokes and my teenage night clerk was like yeah sure, here you go. I didn't even need to name a brand. Brother knew.

Buddy, this fucking lockdown is regressing me! I haven't bought a pack of smokes in yonks.

It is a pack of lady smokes. In some countries they don't have this any more, but in heavy smoking countries they do. Lady smokes are thinner than man smokes, but of course they are the same price.

I went up to the rooftop to partake.

It was one of the greatest smokes of my life.

But of course i would say that because i am drunk.

Other hand, it is rare that i ever get to have a rooftop smoke because i quit a long time ago and most apartments i live do not have accessible rooftops.

Here they use the rooftop to dry clothes. Rooftop is elevator level 12. Most of the village buildings are 7 levels. That skyscraper you see in the distance is a 30, 40 storey thingy that's been there for a couple years with no tenants. I am sure some rich motherfuckers are still getting richer off of it because China is a corrupt oligarchy.

Anywho. Because i smoked a cigarette i now feel like vomiting. I don't understand how this was a thing i used to do multiple times a day without feeling like garbage.

Anyone want to buy 19 lady cigarettes?


Tags: alcoholism, i am durnk, my boring life

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