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This is a brief drunken post. Whenever i get drunk i fall back to 303s. Acid music is my happy place.

I asked on Facebook if someone could send me some techno with a 303 and a smile. The response i got was this song.

F + S - Acid One (Snuff Crew Vocal Remix)

If you have never heard acid music before, or if you only know the modern stuff, this is some kind of 21st century throwback to acid music of previous eras. Hallmarks of the old style acid music is using loud, unprocessed 909 hats and snares, plus a ridiculously reverbed clap. Then, just to make things a bit more Detroit all up in your face, it uses .... that Detroit chord. Who even knows what that is? (Real musicians, stfu. It's that Detroit chord.)

Anyway, everybody knows it's not a real old acid song because it is too clean. Anything recorded in the 80s and most of the 90s was recorded on tape and has loads of noise. So this tune is refreshing, to be honest, because analog noise is trash and way too many young, pretentious knobs add "vinyl crackle" in Ableton thinking it makes their shit sound warmer. They have no clue about the lengths people went to try get rid of noise back in the day.

But the biggest joke of this song comes at the very end when they do a vocal timestretch. That was such a trend in the 90s. People realized they could sample a voice and then play it back so it stretched out to double the time. Except, it didn't interpolate anything, it just, like, jittered the sample, like a skipping record. Nowadays you can timestretch all over the place and nobody even notices, it's basically par for the course if you are a popstar - no voice you hear is the real voice. But back then, the timestretch was some kind of "oh my God, the E is kicking in" kind of thing.

One of the most famous and utterly egregious timestretches in the acid music scene was this one.

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk)

Dude. Anybody who knows acid knows this song. It has every cliché from the era - build-up, snare drum roll, tension-adding strings, over-the-top cutoff tweakage, gratuitous distortion... plus the timestretched vocal. I mean, if you want to understand the American rave scene of the 90s, this is basically the only song you need to listen to. Bonus points for being fucking breakbeat, which is some 90s American bullshit that annoyed the shit out of European DJs. Hence the immediate four-to-the-floor rip-offs by Porn Kings etc.

I'm trying to find an acid song i didn't post in my journal for people who are long-time readers and actually care about hearing something new. Here is some jamming German bullshit from the early 90s that greatly resembles music that is still played in German and Dutch nightclubs today.

Air Liquide - This is not a mindtrip

Nowadays they wouldn't have a cheesy vocal sample over the top, but that lo-fi grungy wall of sound with a fucked up 303 polyrhythm is well aligned with your Berghain dark room doing a rail of meth off an erect penis 21st century Sasomo party vibe.

Too drunk to search for something new new. Everything is closed outside, my mind is closed inside. Stir crazy. Stir crazy! Shaken, not stirred.
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