amw (amw) wrote,

well that didn't last

Facebook, which was becoming a bit of an outlet for me to reach out during the lockdown in China, is now back on my shitlist. I have too many friends who, perhaps in a state of shock, have decided to shame everyone who isn't welcoming authoritarianism with open arms.

It is extremely disappointing to me to watch all these so-called free countries implement lockdowns as extreme as mainland fucking China. For so many people right now it seems there is no room for nuance in the discussion. God forbid someone speak out about the very real, very damaging effects of shutting down society. God forbid someone has to leave their home to make a living. God forbid people express a desire to travel. God forbid anyone wants to enjoy their life. The nail that sticks out must be hammered down.

I can scarcely believe the transformation. Formerly chill people have become angry and hateful of anyone who doesn't drop everything to self isolate. It's really sad to see how little human rights matter in the conversation, how when push comes to shove there is widespread support for forfeiting - even confiscating - the rights of literally everyone.

Which isn't to say i am jumping into the boat with the "fuck it, let's shoot for herd immunity" crowd, but lordy, people. Have a little compassion for your fellow human beings. Stop shaming people for being reluctant to make a very fucking major lifestyle change that could cause them great suffering. Don't demonize people who express discomfort about giving up basic human rights like freedom of movement, peaceful assembly, work, education and so on.

And, for fuck's sake, i really hope that everyone who's currently all-in for this whole "we all need to sacrifice a little for the good of the many" schtick remembers their new-found philosophy when the outbreak passes. How about banning internal combustion vehicles so that the emissions stop killing millions every year? Taxing foods that lead to diabetes and heart disease? Welcoming those fleeing poverty and persecution? There is a very long list of shit the world should be doing, if people actually cared about the lives of other human beings.

Anyway, that is my rant for the day. I will take a Facebook hiatus and hopefully people will calm down a bit. I need a beer.
Tags: freedom, news, rants, teh internets
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