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I forgot how productive a weekend can be when you don't get blackout drunk.

The salon was packed. People were getting the wildest colors - bright pink/purple, green, blue, orange. This weekend nightclubs started advertizing "unlock parties", so perhaps these kids were getting ready for Sunday Funday or they got inspired from a gig on the night before. Either way, it was nice to see.

I got a bubble tea - first one in ages since the bubble tea shop got shut down a few days into the lockdown - and went to the wet market. Y'all know a Guangdong wet market is all the way back to normal when there are half pigs strewn about and some dude is crouched in the middle of the floor hacking up ribs. Couple weeks ago they were still doing butchering all politely on the counter, but yeah, nah, today it was pig guts galore. I tiptoed between them to grab some veges and tofus.

When i got home i poked my head into the work Slack channel just to avoid having to read any potentially stressful messages tomorrow, and the message i self-censored and replaced with a 🙊 had one reply from a colleague about how posts containing 美国加油 (America, add oil!) were getting blocked on Weibo. It perked me up a bit to not feel like i will be walking back into an office full of haters tomorrow. Which, of course not. Many people here do not agree with the party, especially on censorship, but it's easy to forget because the only voice allowed to broadcast is the party voice.

I also really appreciate your comments reminding me not to be a dumbass and quit just because i am annoyed.

Anyway. Oolong tea was yum. My hair is red. I am going to make some Sunday snacks and watch Sunday telly and try to avoid Sunday blues.
Tags: my boring life
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