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I am trying to put together a cyberpunk playlist that does not include John Carpenter.

It is difficult because in my ears, John Carpenter is essentially the ur-cyberpunk. David Bowie, Billy Idol, pfft. Singing does not belong in cyberpunk.

So far i have Alexander Brandon (Deus Ex), and his tracks NYC Streets and The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets).

Alexander Brandon - NYC Streets

Alexander Brandon - The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets)

I also have Lake People - For Good.

I am still debating if Prins Thomas - Luftspeiling deserves to be there.

Prins Thomas - Luftspeiling

I guess, if John Carpenter's Pork Chop Express and The Bank Robbery is cyberpunk, then Luftspeiling is allowed to be cyberpunk too. Guitars still exist in the dystopian future.

John Carpenter - Pork Chop Express

John Carpenter - The Bank Robbery

I wish i could link Bionaut - Goliath here, just to show the lowest fi shitty guitar riff you could ever have in a synth tune, but good luck getting a weird live synth band from 90s-era Burning Man to have any of their quirky limited edition CDs online. Where did those guys end up? Who knows! Back in those days we all were cyberpunks, the first bunch of synthesizer nerds on the internet. Here is some throwback synth music from those good old days.

Bionaut - Au Naturel (full album)

Anyway, that's not very punk.

Let's get back to the original. The first. The best. Cyberpunk all day. Cyberpunk all night.

John Carpenter - Main Title (Escape From New York)

Vangelis schmangelis. No arpeggiator, no cyberpunk.
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