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i miss europe

It's been interesting seeing how people around the world react to this virus.

People i know in Asia and Australia seem to have pretty much taken it in their stride. Whether lockdowns or tracking apps or whatever, people just kinda do what the government said, gripe and moan about it, but ultimately what you gonna do? Keep calm and carry on.

On the other extreme, i am really finding it challenging to deal with the response of my North American friends. I thought middle class Chinese were paranoid, but my North American friends are next fucking level. Can't go outside, can't touch the mail, gotta disinfect the groceries, gotta stockpile weeks worth of food, can't walk past a stranger, can't trust anyone, "my skin's peeling off from all the cleaning", as if it's some kind of nuclear apocalypse. The fear is one thing, i can empathize, but the anger... Some friends are wishing illness and death on other members of their community. People seem to have totally lost their sense of perspective. Instead of radicalizing against their actual oppressors, people are radicalizing against their neighbors, getting into internet shitfights, publicly shaming folks, informing on them, calling them murderers just for going outside... It's so hard for me to watch.

I will say that my friends here on LiveJournal have been less extreme, thankfully.

Anyway, thank God for Europe in the midst of all this. My European friends have remained fairly stoic, despite facing much larger losses than what we experienced in Asia. The most reassuring part is that the radicals didn't forget that the fight they had wasn't with their neighbors, it was with nationalists and capitalists and fascists all around the world.

Today a European friend posted this tune which is exactly what i wanted to hear from a coronavirus-related solidarity single.

LMF - SLDRT! feat. Babsi Tollwut, Miss Zebra, Lucia Vargas, Mal Élevé, Tsidi & Anela (SOS)

This has been one of my most musical weekends in quite some time. I also bought a relief album for my fave Berlin club. Have a listen: I know not everyone is into techno music, but there are loads of indie artists who play guitars and other traditional instruments who are also struggling right now, so look up your faves and buy some tunes, if you can afford it.

I am trying to focus on things i like that don't involve getting (too) drunk or leaving my neighborhood.
Tags: music, politics

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