amw (amw) wrote,

racist flip-flops

Yesterday i posted something on Facebook about how cynical you have to be as an American politician to cheer Hong Kong protestors fighting back against police brutality in their city, but call for "peace" when black protestors do the same in the United States.

My Facebook friends are more predictably leftish than my LiveJournal friends, which was infuriating during the lockdown because of the judgmental attitudes over people (like me) who see lockdown as a violation of basic human rights, but comforting during this latest round of BLM protests because yes the fuck yes burning police cars should get a ♥ emoji. I absolutely cannot with people who say "i support peaceful protest, but..." Just stop. Don't even finish that sentence.

Now rightish folks who grumbled about the lockdown are supporting cops, who have responded to protests against police brutality with even more police brutality. And curfews! How can people keep a straight face with this?

Fuck the police. Any time they get out on the streets to enforce "law and order" they are only serving the powerful and protecting the rich. Black people get shot, beaten, choked to death, nothing happens. A few chain stores get set on fire, oh shit, call in the National Guard, it's a riot! Are you kidding me? People have been protesting this shit for over 50 years and what changed? Black people still dying young. Retail CEOs still all white, and richer than ever before.

Damn straight the city should burn.


Edit: and now, predictably, the Chinese government has seized on the opportunity to call American politicians hypocrites...
Tags: news, protest

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