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Argh. Fucking awesome party hey. Just went off, haven't let go like that for like 18 months. Good tunes, good chats, good random times and choppy scattiness. Sunrise over the city and climbing trees in the park and the river and beers on Sunday. I probably should've taken Tuesday off too i was so trashy at work. Mais c'est la vie, right? Fucking over it. Really really sick of my job right now, i don't need to get into it and bore everyone again. Two more days and it's all over. Well, not all over. I have two weeks off and i can't wait. I don't know what i'm going to do in the time but i need to do something. Something to relax me, to get me refreshed enough i can hack through it till the end of the year, long enough to finish uni, long enough to pay off half my debt. And then meh. I don't know what. Just need out.

Things have been kinda fucked this week. I mean aside from work. I'm not sure what to do. I don't know where to step or how far to go, there's never an easy answer. I guess i'm just going to let things go as they do. I wish i could write more, write better. Things are weird right now :-(
Tags: alcoholism, crazy, depression, freedom, manic, raving

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