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exit date locked in

Thanks for your comments on my flight, everyone.

Thinking about it in the context of having to do 14 days quarantine when i get to the other side, i decided to give myself the extra week in China. Partly so i have time to tie up any loose ends, but also so i can take a few days to just relax, walk in the park, sit on the street, go to a bar, do all the things that i definitely won't be able to do for 14 days after getting to Canada.

So i leave from Chengdu just before midnight on Tuesday July 21. Chengdu is over 1500km from Shenzhen. High speed rail takes about 12-13 hours, so i think the nicest option will be to stop in Guiyang along the way to enjoy a bit of the factories and rice paddies and bumpy karst mountain scenery. Also, spicy food. Guizhou and then Sichuan, if those are my last two provinces in China i could do a lot worse.

I am on-track to organizing a condo-style hotel room in Richmond to quarantine when i arrive. That means i can do laundry and cook in the room, which i think i will appreciate if i am stuck inside for 14 days.

BC is now in phase 3 unlock. They bent the curve in May and are now only getting a handful of new cases each day. By the time i am out of quarantine in August, things should be looking pretty good in the western provinces.

Heading up to my departure... we got a week of work coming up, which will likely be jam-packed trying to finish stuff off.

Also this week it looks like the party is going to ram through their Hong Kong security bill, despite the concerns of Australia, Canada, the EU, the UK and the US. And Hong Kong itself, of course. Not that it matters - Xi doesn't give two shits what anyone overseas thinks of his fascistic policies, and anyone local who spoke out has already been arrested or disappeared. I suspect this news will not have an impact in mainland, which is still dealing with the Beijing rona outbreak and heavy flooding along the Yangtze.

Last week of work should be a bit more chill, maybe i'll do some cleaning of my apartment and throwing out (or mailing) of stuff that won't fit in my backpack.

I feel a bit bummed that i didn't really do anything on this week off besides play computer games, but i think i needed a mental health break. Next 23 days will be hectic.
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