amw (amw) wrote,

on "canceling" gender critical feminism

So, i am really fucking over trans people. The so-called "trans community" - and in particular the "assigned male at birth" side of the community (go figure) - is so vitriolic that it makes me embarrassed to be trans.

Please, lordy, we are not all total fucking assholes who will shut down any discussion of gender by accusing random people of being "trans-exclusionary radical feminists" or "transphobes".

I haven't spent a lot of time stressing about "cancel culture" because having lived in a country where an authoritarian government actually does censor both mass media and private communications, i find a lot of complaining about it in the west to be overblown. But, also, it is really fucking exhausting when i am reading an article that reports on the "cancellation" of a left wing feminist and in the comments, in response to another journalist expressing legitimate curiosity about gender critical views, we get a whole fucking parade of abusive trans folk and their sycophantic white knights derailing the conversation before it even got started.

It's really disappointing.

I understand being mad at society. I understand wanting to firebomb a mall and flip over a cop car. I get it. Gender fucking sucks and society forced it on you. Congratulations, you feel the same way that gender critical feminists do.

So why lash out at folks who are trying to learn more about gender? How does it help change society to mindlessly repeat tautological slogans like "trans rights are human rights" or "trans women are women"? It's so fucking shallow.

These people need to get off social media, i think. They have disappeared so far up their own asses having stupid internet fights over semantics that they forgot about the original thing they're fighting for. Go outside. Take a look at all the people out there. They're not evil misanthropes spending their whole day plotting how to take away trans rights. Is it really constructive to run up in all their faces and declare them "canceled" for not immediately adopting (or rejecting) whatever jargon a fringe group inside an already tiny minority has deemed acceptable (or unacceptable)?

For fuck's sake.

We should be able to talk about the challenges people face with the social construct of gender without needing it to constantly be about trans folk. Not every conversation needs to be about pronouns, or self identification, or whatever. Like. Fucking. Take a breather. Other people have problems with gender too.

Gah. It frustrates me so much.

Now people on social media are calling for the "cancellation" of at least one longtime writer of a publication that i subscribe to, simply for asking a question about gender. This is ridiculous.

But, you know, what would i know? I'm obviously a self-hating trans person whose opinion doesn't count.
Tags: gender, rants

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