amw (amw) wrote,

so, i got booked by the cops

To bring my journal back to the usual "fuck the police" tone: fuck the police.

I just got booked for "trespassing" because i was sitting on a patch of grass in between a public road and the railroad. There was no fence. There was no "no trespassing" sign. I wasn't close to the tracks. I wasn't smoking drugs or having public sex or obstructing workers or trashing machinery. I was sitting on the grass, playing a tune. And i got booked. "I'm not arresting you, i just need all your details so if you're here again tomorrow we can arrest you." Well thank you so much for your lenience, Officer Shithead.

I don't know what the fuck happened to this town in the past couple months. Places where i previously have been able to sit around for hours without being bothered by anyone, since the weather got colder the cops are patrolling like it's Fort Knox. I've seen several homeless people evicted from camping spots where they were ignored all summer. Like, guys, it's already uncomfortable to spend a lot of time outside right now. How petty and spiteful do you have to be that you kick people when they're already down?

The nerve of the asshole to tell me to find another spot, i can't even. I hope he felt at least a tiny twinge of guilt when i took out my ID and he realized that he'd actually booked someone who legit lives in town and isn't some crusty hobo or street punk. Although booking people who literally have nowhere else to go would have been an even shittier move.

Fucking book me for playing harmonica, fuck!

I really fucking hate the police. All cops are bastards. But railroad cops are the purest form of bastard. At least the regular police can pretend that they exist to "protect and serve" (even though everyone knows that really means "protect property and serve the rich"). Here in Canada the cops "maintiens le droit", which means something like "uphold the law". I suppose at least that's more honest than American police. Either way, on both sides of the border we also have independent railroad police. These privatized goon squads have all the same arrest rights as regular police, but they pretty much only exist to kick people off "private" property. Property that was granted to railroad companies for free by the federal government. And property which wasn't even the government's to give in the first place, since out here in the west it's all unceded land. It truly is the scummiest of all police work to be the police that tells people what open, unfenced, rural land they are not allowed to walk on. Fuck!

Anyway, today was the first day when i plucked up the energy to go outside and hang out for a while again, and that's busted my mood so hard i don't even know any more.

I wish i could travel again. I've been here too long. I hate being stuck in one place too long. When i'm traveling, i don't have time to fall into these holes. I'm just going to the next place, the next place. Bad thing happens, oh well, i move on, leave it behind, tomorrow's another day.

But when you're stuck in the same place, tomorrow is the same day. Every day is exactly the same. And it sucks.
Tags: bird in a gilded cage, rants

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