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It fucking snowed in Brisbane! Well it didn't, it hailed, but everyone's calling it snow because it kicked ass. The roads were covered inches deep in little hail balls, people were making snowmen and some people even went skiing and snowboarding around Paddington and Toowoong. Took me 2 hours to get home because the Countess St/Roma St intersection was snowed in and the coppers had only cleared one lane (with a hand shovel!) It was still sitting there in piles the next morning too. Weird.

But that's not why i'm writing. I'm writing to let everyone know that Revenge of the Sith KICKS ASS. We waited a whole extra 2 days to watch it so we could get off work early and go to Gold Class and get plastered during the movie. Never done Gold Class before, kicks ass, costs a tiny bit more and you get mega comfortable chairs, it's 18+ and they deliver drinks at times of your choosing during the movie. But yeah. Star Wars. Fuckin awesome. Unfortunately the money shot is the first 20 minutes - just a full on crazy battle with lasers and robots and spaceships that puts Matrix 3's hangar bay/dock battle to shame. The acting is shit, the plot is shit, though i almost had a tear at the end on Tatooine, but you know, it's Star Wars, it's all about the effects. And the effects are outstanding. Very, very good. Definitely see at a theater it if you can. I don't know if Lucas is letting them do Imax showings, but man that would be awesome.

I am going to nurse my head.
Tags: alcoholism, movies, sci-fi, straya

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