amw (amw) wrote,

i feel the spirit of the world


Actually by the time i post this it will almost certainly be Monday, but... eh.

I am feeling very techno. I am drinking slash have drunk my Christmas Booze.

Actually, i already drank my Christmas Booze on Tuesday, and then Wednesday i was Very Hungover. And Miserable.

But my plan was always to have Chistmas Eve Slash Thursday to reup.

Reup i did. On that day.

I got a bunch of alcohol, and all the veges and breadsies that should get me through a holiday.


It's Christmas morning and i realize i forgot to buy coffee.

No problem. I'll ration that shit. Half for today and half for...

Fuck it! I was supposed to have Christmas drinks! That means i need to have shit two days in advance!

Le fucking sigh. Should i drink the other half Boxing Day or the day after? Guess it doesn't matter, eh, shop's not open today anyway lah.

So, i had the half of my coffee, and self-isolated like a good Canadian.

One of my good Canadian buds called me in the eve and we got almighty drunk. Being an East Coast Hoserette, she passed out before me, so i jumped on the Discord to talk stupid shit to drunken west coasters and early morn teetotalerin' east coasters.

I am certain i said something very fucking intelligent. Even more intelligent than this LiveJournal post. Sucks to be you, reading this, wherever/whenever the fuck. If only you were a drunken ass hoborphan on Christmas night! So much intellismarter!

Anyway, fastforward, hangover day, sober day, go to the store day...

Oh, wait, hangover day i had to make an EXISTENTIAL DECISION about whether i should drink the rest of the coffee that day or the next. Like, drink coffee on a hangover, it halves your headache from an alcohol+caffeine withdrawal to just an alcohol withdrawal. But also, drink coffee on a hangover, it extends your hangover waking time...

I decided to skip coffee on the hangover and fastforward.

Sober day, go to the store day, i drank the other half of the coffee, then bought food, i came home, i started drinking my new Emergency Vodka. (My landlord gave me Chistmas presents - vodka and Rubina. I have a whole nother post to write about Rubina but i am too drunk to do it right now, so fucking ping me for a reminder.)

I am so fucking Emergency Vodka drunk right now that i accidentally opened the famous My Landlord's Late Father's Stash Box, rolled a gotdamn joint, and got stoned.

Ladies and gents and enbies, i am stronken.

Been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.
Tags: alcoholism, i am durnk, my boring life

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