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friday night stream of consciousness

Hello ladies and gents and enbies, it's time for another durnken psot.

I have earned it. For realziez.

This week i started working again.

Basically, i considered this dystopic future that will be 2021 and realized there is at least another 6 months of unvaccinated misery to look forward to.

The BC government officially announced that under-65 vaccines are coming in July/August, which is pretty much what we expected back in December, but now it's confirmed.

The province is holding steady at about 500 new cases and about 15 deaths every day. That's not awful, but not great. The governments - both federal and provincial - are chattering about blocking inter-province travel, or at least doing their best to curb it to workers, and to try mandate quarantine - same as what already exists for international travelers.

(Not that most of these jetsetting, ski holidaying, snowbirding shitheads are actually quarantining for real. Yo. I fucking put in my 14 days at an expensive airport hotel, and i am only upper middle class rich. I did my part. Did you? Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world! Service guarantees citizenship. Also. Stop fucking whining. If you can afford to fly during a pandemic, you can afford to quarantine during a pandemic. Shitheads.)

Anyway, a key point is that in Canada we have universal healthcare, but it's based on province of residence. So it's kinda biased against travelers and homeless people. Fortunately homeless people who are registered in a shelter are up for vaccination straight after long term care, parallel with prisoners and other folks who are stuck in government-mandated co-living situations. I am not that kind of homeless, though. I am a month-to-month vagabond-y richie ditch nomad homeless, so i still gotta wait for July. But if i move provinces in between, i could very well lose my place. So... i'm thinking stay in BC till i get the goods.

But that completely fucks my idea of using the warmer months to see Turtle Island. The border with America won't be open for God knows how long. Sooo. Stay in BC - whether in Kamloops or some other place - long enough to get my vaccine, then... then who knows? Depends on what the world is looking like. Travel across Canada, see my Ontario buddies, maybe hit up America? Or fly over to Europe? I dunno.

All this to say that i was planning to skedaddle around March or April, but now i'm thinking to try stay in-province till July or August. I am lucky to have enough money saved from the past few years of working and living frugal to continue living frugal and not working... But it feels like a waste of my sabbatical, especially over this winter period where i have spent 2-3 months in bed, 23 hours a day (the other hour is cooking a meal), not doing anything with my time besides reading and watching shows. And there's still 2+ months of this depressing winter weather to go.

But in December i got an email from my old boss in Berlin. The one who gave the middle finger to Palantir and blacklisted them from our service when they tried to sign up. The one who never wanted our corporate email hosted by Google or any American company because the NSA tapped Angela Merkel's phone. He's not a German nationalist. He's an anti-authoritarian. And an anti-capitalist. He turned down VC and decided to downsize the company to get out of the rat race. After living in China i am the fuck ready to work for a boss who just wants to serve his customers and not play in the pool with the big boys who have no goals beyond increasing their own personal wealth and power.

Fuck capitalism. Fuck, fuck, fuck capitalism. And fuck this flop-ass "socialism" of China which is basically just a capitalist economy regulated by a single-party dictatorship instead of democratically elected representatives. It's all the same garbage.

But that's the game, and if you don't play it, then you are the one getting stepped on.

So. I am good at what i do, and i am fortunate enough that what i do is worth serious cash money. I earned enough working part-time this week to pay for my rent and food for the whole of next month.

I bought myself a treat. I bought myself two treats.

I bought this album: - 43 Katzen tanzen auf'm Tisch - Acidbogen.

It is an album that Mira - one of the hottest DJs from my alle favorit nightclub in Berlin, Kater Blau - put together, in the absence of any fucking nightclubs being open last year. Each year she has her birthday party there, or previously at Katerholzig nightclub. The number of cats on the table are her years of age. One of the great things about clubbing in Berlin is that you can go when you are old, and the DJs are the same age as you.

I will be 41 very soon.

Anyway, yeah, so i bought the Acidbogen (= acid rainbow) album, which is the album for the downbeat room at Kater Blau nightclub. There is an accompanying Heinz Hopper album for the upbeat room, but that one i might need to listen through a few songs before buying blind, because anything over 120bpm is rarely my jam in this decrepit geriatric raver day and age.

Anyway. Techno music is brilliant. I fucking love techno. Guitars are shite.

The other thing i bought, which i doubt any of my highbrow fucking journal readers will care about right now because i drunkenly rambled so long, is a subscription to The Syllabus:

Guys. If any of you highbrow folks are still reading. Get a subscription to The Syllabus. It is expensive, but it is Good. Basically it is a news aggregator, but they include academic papers and books into their weekly mail-out. They have various different focuses that you can sign up for, but all are reported from a Europeanish liberal angle. It is extremely refreshing to read pragmatic liberal ideas that aren't taking their lead from the depressing spiral of postmodern navel-gazing that seems to have gotten a lot of American and British left wingers stuck in the weeds. If you can read other European languages, they report in those too, which is excellent, to get an even better insight into the world outside the Anglosphere.

Anyway. Fuck. That paragraph was way too fucking intelligent for my present drunkenness. I need to misspell something just to prove the BAC.


Hello UNIX nerds who continued to the end.

Ah, my dear LiveJournal friends, i wish i had a great conclusion to this post, something to make the whole reading worthwhile, your well-deserved climax, but there is nothing. I do not have anything interesting to report.

Fucking techno.

I haven't finished listening to my new album even one time through yet, but so far this is my favorite song.

WIDE AWAKE - O [Kiosk I.D.]

Druggy, dubby, slow fucking morning techno. God, i miss going out. Fuck COVID.
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