amw (amw) wrote,

a fortnight of nothing

Hello everyone, i am alive, and i have nothing to say.

The past two weeks i have just been working. Work is fine. I am "only" doing about 24 hours a week, so it's less intense than a standard 40, but because i am collaborating with people in Europe i have been logging on hella early, and trying to flick into work mode like that before i even had a coffee is exhausting.

I think emotionally i am doing better than before, because even though i am still not leaving the house, at least i know i am getting paid to not leave the house. And if i have a video call at least i make the effort to have a shower.

It's just treading water, really, through the winter. The past week has been the hardest of the core winter, like -20°C all week. The river is almost completely iced over. The more annoying part is that my downstairs roommates cranked up the heating and it's made the house dry, stuffy and uncomfortable. I really miss having my own apartment where i control the heating. And when i say "control the heating" i mean "never turn on the heating", because i'd rather put on a hoodie and some socks than have my nose spontaneously start bleeding and my skin peel itself off while i toss and turn and cough up all the particulates. Last night it was so bad i slept with the windows wide open, which was a presumably a massive waste of energy, but i was at my wit's end. Central heating is the fucking worst.

Actually, air conditioning is worse than central heating. At least mild central heating is useful to avoid frozen pipes. But they're both pretty awful.

My inner cave man shakes his fist at the lack of fresh air.

I always dream of going into space, of flying way out there in the void, a million miles from anywhere... I think i could deal with the isolation, i could deal with being in a small cabin, but i'm not sure i could deal with the lack of outside air.

Anyway, yes, i have nothing for you guys. I sleep. I work. I read the news. I sleep again.

I am very pleased with my subscription to the The Syllabus, which is pointing me to at least a half dozen great articles to read every week. It makes my brain feel exercised to read the odd journal article and actually follow what they're saying, even though i am not an academic.

Seems like everyone and their dog is getting vaccinated in America and England. I can't figure it out. Noam Chomsky was on Coleman Hughes the other day and pointed an accusatory finger at Canada for buying up more vaccines than we have population, but our timeline here is still July for anyone under 65. We might have the most outstanding bookings per capita, but we're definitely not top of the list for order fulfillment.

I do hope we send our overflow to the Global South, though, if we ever get the first fucking round sorted out.

So, yeah, same old same old. I'm 41 now, and the day was about as eventful as my 40th. Stay inside. Work. Eat. Sleep. It's a holding pattern.
Tags: my boring life

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