amw (amw) wrote,

some winter music. maybe.

Some of my long-time readers know that before i joined LiveJournal, way back in the 90s, i used to be a teenager who wrote music. I released the vast majority of it for free online, because information wants to be free, hack the planet etc. Although, back in the day, online wasn't the internet, it was BBSes.

In 1999 i released an indie CD album, mastered by a reasonably well-known personality in the Australian dance music scene. It was my entry point to the techno community, and perhaps i could have gone on to become a serious musician or DJ, but instead i became a computer programmer. Better pay. Sadder life.

I am very the fuck drunk. I rarely listen to my own music, because it just makes me depressed that i pretty much gave up on it.

Here is a song from my teenage years about the winter. Shout out to my Texas people and others who are stuck in the ice. That's what this tune was about.


Can you see it? Can you hear it? If not this will be very meta. I blame iced-up windmills for the lack of MP3s.

This is an experiment.
Tags: i am durnk, making music

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