amw (amw) wrote,

Wordless Wednesday


Oh, who am i kidding? I can't make wordless posts. If i could, i wouldn't be on LiveJournal.

This week the mercury rose above freezing and most of the snow is gone, but as you can see the river is still iced over, and all the little waterfalls on the south bank where i live look like mini-glaciers.

I biked up to the Chinese grocery store to buy some red skin peanuts, Lao Gan Ma and noodles. It has been a depressing realization that most grocery stores here do not sell 挂面 or sōmen type noodles, which is pretty much the only noodle i care to eat because you can prepare them just by letting them sit in some hot water for a few minutes. Even though i have access to more kitchen devices here than i have in years, i still only ever use the electric kettle and a single frying pan to prepare everything. I do not have the patience for waiting for something to cook in a saucepan or toaster oven.

Anyway, it was awesome to go outside again and breathe the fresh air. When i sit behind the computer all day i get depressed that i am stuck in small town Canada, because it's cold and empty and i hate the car culture and the influence of American-style "me me me" politics. But then when i can go outside and nod to the hobos walking up the median and exchange greetings with the addicts hanging round the liquor store parking lot, when there's that raggedy-ass Canadian flag hanging limply out front of the trailer park, and the mountains are there, and the sky, then i feel like, yeah, okay, there is a sense of freedom here that only really exists in New World countries. There is some wild romance to having so much space everywhere, it creates its own kind of culture.

But, my fitness level is shot. I almost passed out trying to bike up the (very small) hill to my place. I haven't been outside regularly since October last year. I still imagine myself fairly tight and trim, but conditioned i am the fuck not. I hope this isn't a false spring. I need to get in the habit of heading out every single day, and somehow fitting that into my new work schedule.
Tags: canada fuck yeah, food, my boring life

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