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surprise holiday

After spending the past few months using what little vaccine was available to give to healthcare workers and folks in long-term care facilities, today the BC government opened vaccination to the public. Money quote from the CBC: "There are less than 50,000 people in the province who are 90 and up and 35,000 who are Indigenous people over 65, yet B.C. call agents at vaccination appointment call centres were slammed with one million calls in the first hour on the first day the lines were opened."

The plan is to get over-90s done this week and over-80s by the end of the month. I'm still assuming it'll be July by the time it gets down to over-40s. If it comes earlier, i will be thrilled. I will not be one of the million callers spamming up the lines trying to wangle myself a higher spot on the list.

Today i got a surprise day off from work. It's International Women's Day! When i lived in Berlin this wasn't a holiday, but i did take the pay gap strike. The idea behind pay gap strike is to leave work after whatever percentage of the day equals the pay gap between women and men. So, if women earn 75% of men and you work 9 to 5, leave at 3.

But, it seems since i lived there, International Women's Day is now a holiday for everyone. Because i am waiting for some feedback from my European colleagues before moving ahead with my work, that means there's nothing on today! Wohoo!

I will say, though, that the past week i have slept very poorly. I think i might have fallen into a bit of hypomania, staying up late to read and write and contribute to open source projects instead of getting a normal night's sleep and actually going outside to enjoy the spring weather.

So i have my day off today, but i only got about 4 hours sleep and don't feel able to do much of anything. I feel like i am walking around in a dream world. I'm worried if i try a bike ride i will get myself run over. But also i need to break out of this weird loop. Tomorrow i will be stuck behind the computer again all day.
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