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intelligent dance music up the khyber

There is a certain form of British Ass Fucking Bullshit Techno that is called Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). I mean, it used to be called IDM. My knowledge of genre hairsplitting is at least 20 years out of date. Caring about what genre a song should be classified under is very teenager-y.

Anyway. When i was a teenager, IDM meant all the music made by Brits who were too fucking snobby to embrace the fact that most of the people who bought their music were drugged up ravers. They were like, oh, wait, we like to stroke our chins and lie on mattresses while we listen to EXACTLY THE SAME FUCKING MUSIC the less pretentious folks do while journos write think pieces about our postmodern sensibilities. Cuz it's intelligent, innit?

Aphex Twin was basically the flagbearer of the whole thing. Also Autechre, Squarepusher, a whole shit ton of those Warp Records guys, Rephlex, bla-di-bla fucking bla. Sometimes by accident they would make a brilliant song despite themselves. I mean, they were all great musicians. They were just so relentlessly pretentious. They tried valiantly to make music that deliberately sucked, just to get marks to buy it, but sometimes, accidentally, they'd make something good and everyone else would buy it anyway.

Admittedly, i am reverting to my teenage self here, who fucking hated the whole IDM movement for being so goddamn pretentious. I mean, my own tiny, sub-sub-sub genre of techno that i listened to was at least as pretentious as those guys. Difference was those guys got major label contracts and sold records all over the world while still pretending to be highbrower than thou.

Actually, perhaps they sold a bunch of records because they were highbrow.

Highbrow people got money to burn on records. Normal people spent their money on drugs and actually going out to dance to the fucking dance music.


Anyway, i have to concede that i totally love a bunch of IDM. Aphex Twin's On is just, fucking... incredible. I mean, the song ain't much, but the video is ICONIC. If you were around in the 90s you probably know it. If you weren't, watch this. It's awesome.

Aphex Twin - On

It captures that era of MTV perfectly.

Anyway, i also bought the Squarepusher album and bla bla snare drum roll, how fucking exciting. But tonight i want to share with you one of the silliest and most pretentious but also very fucking English-y acid IDM musics, which is Squarepusher's little brother Ceephax Acid Crew.

This is Acid Le Soken.

ceephax acid crew - acid le soken

Now that's an IDM i can get behind. Taking the piss of 80s computer games while also kind of loving the ridiculousness of writing music that sounds EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. Except. With a 303. Everything's better with a 303.

Of course, my most beloved artist of all time is also an IDM artist, although the tracks of his that i most love are the least intelligent that he wrote. Mike Dred, aka Chimera, aka The Kosmik Kommando, the guy whose music will be played at my funeral, PERIODT. When i look at my top played tracks, 4 of the top 10 are his. Lost Horizon. The Future Is Upon Us. Milieu. Down On Marne Avenue.

I've shared all those other ones in previous posts. Not sure if i shared the latter.

Mike Dred - Down On Marne Avenue

I mean, i suppose i kinda like IDM. My BBS and usenet friends of the mid-90s would laugh at me making that admission now. Turned to the dark side. Or, at least, grew out of my juvenile desire to shit on everything that wasn't my favorite of the favorite genre.


I'm making myself sound petty. But in reality, back in the day, this was honestly A Thing. As the famous Liberator DJs' album name put it: "It's not intelligent... and it's not from Detroit... but it's fucking 'avin it!" That was the actual name of the album. Fucking. London. Acid. City.

A&E Dept - The Rabbit's Name Was...

God, i am old. Rehashing these decades-old beefs.

Anyway here is some other fucking stupid fucking IDM.

Ceephax Acid Crew - Prelude In 303 Major

No one can accuse these dudes of not having a sense of humor.

Tomorrow, if my hangover is not terrible, i want to reply to some of these excellent memes that have been going around. I love and appreciate all of y'all's posts, even if i didn't respond.
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