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alphabet meme

Via notte0, a good meme like we had in the old days.

the letter a
are you available? I don't think i could deal with being in a relationship any more. Single life is so much better in every way.
what is your age? 41
what annoys you? Dishonesty and disingenuousness. Just say what you mean.

the letter b

do you live in a big house? I suppose i do live in a big house, although i only have one part of it. Still, "my" bathroom/bedroom/lounge/kitchen area is bigger than most of my apartments over the past few years.
when is your birthday? February 8.
who are your best friends? I don't really have "best" friends. The person i talk to most often is R, we exchange Skype messages once every few days. But probably people here on LJ know a lot more about my thoughts than anyone i speak to in real life.

the letter c

what’s your favorite candy? I don't really like candy. Didn't much like it when i was young and liked it less and less as i got older. Does dried mango or dried apricots count? I usually keep some of that around.
who’s your crush? That's a good question. I haven't had a celeb crush in a while, like enough that i follow them around from one show to the next. I like Leyla Hirsch (pro wrestler). I like Talon from The Outpost too (Jessica Green). And Drummer from The Expanse (Cara Gee). Actually, yeah, it's Drummer. It's weird, though, because now that i am older, most crushes are younger than i am, so the emotion is more removed, like you'd see a kid and think "oh they're cute".
when was the last time you cried? When i went out for a bike ride again, it just felt so good to be out in the air and not stuck in this house.

the letter d

do you daydream? Sure.
what’s your favorite kind of dog? I hate dogs, they're filthy.
what day of the week is it? Saturday.

the letter e

how do you like your eggs? Scrambled. But since i try eat vegan i rarely eat an egg.
have you ever been in the emergency room? Yep, several times.
what’s the easiest thing ever to do? Sleep.

the letter f

have you ever flown in a plane? Yes.
do you use fly swatters? No. I waste hours trying to shoo them outside.
have you ever used a foghorn? I can't believe anyone who isn't a grizzled fisherman with a pipe and and a woolly jumper could answer yes to this.

the letter g

do you chew gum? No.
are you a giver or a taker? When it comes to gifts, i don't like being given gifts, it makes me feel awkward.
do you like gummy candies? As far as candy goes, they're usually better to me than hard candies, yeah.

the letter h

how are you? Tired. Working again, even part-time, has knocked so much life out of me.
what’s your height? No idea. More than 190, less than 200.
what color is your hair? Naturally it's sort of dark blonde light brown. Colored it's usually red.

the letter i

what’s your favorite ice cream? I don't like ice cream.
have you ever ice skated? Yes, as a child. I sucked.
do you play an instrument? I formally learned guitar, recorder and dumbek (Middle Eastern hand drum). Taught myself piano (synth/keyboard) and harmonica.

the letter j

what’s your favorite jelly bean? Buttered popcorn Jelly Belly.
have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? Sure.
do you wear jewelry? No.

the letter k

do you want kids? Absolutely not.
where did you have kindergarten? I can't remember if i went to kindergarten in West Germany. I guess probably yes. It was probably a BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) kindergarten. Do people really remember anything that far back in their childhood?

the letter l

are you laid back? People on LJ get to see me rage a lot, so they probably think no. But in the real world i tend to do my best to turn the other cheek. I don't think conflict is helpful, and in almost all cases it's better to just let the other guy fume and scream and feel like they "won", then you can move on. So i'm pretty chill in real life.
do you lie? I really hate any kind of lying so i try to never do it. But sometimes i do let people assume the wrong thing without correcting them. I'm not going to shove being trans or gay or a woman or a foreigner into people's faces if they read me the other way. In a lot of contexts it's not something worth making an issue over.
when was your last kiss? God, years ago. Probably some drunken kissing in a Berlin nightclub with a stranger.

the letter m

whats your favorite movie? Hackers.
do you like mangoes? Yes, i love them. But i like the ones you can cut into cubes, i don't like those really mooshy ones that are more pulp than flesh.

the letter n

do you have a nickname? I have some nicknames based on shortenings or long-enings of my real name. When i was a kid dad called me Plug. I had a BBS handle too, which i am too shy to share, ironically to preserve my relative anonymity on LJ.
whats your favorite number? Don't really have one.
do you prefer night over day? I like them both. I find i'm more energised at night. But in the day you can see further, the world feels bigger.

the letter o

what’s your one wish? Fantasy? To be able to fly. Reality? To somehow find a way to live without having to work.
are you an only child? No, i have a sister.
do you wish this was over? COVID? Yeah.

the letter p

what one fear are you most paranoid about? Losing my mind, or somehow no longer being in control of my own destiny.
what are your pet peeves? Rich or middle class people who whine performatively about how oppressed they are. Anybody earning six figures who complains about not having enough money left after taxes, or calls themselves "working class". People who chose to go to expensive private universities and then expect the government to write their debt off. Basically, people who make a big deal about how they deserve more or better things, when they are objectively doing pretty well for themselves and already got more than the average person.
whats a personality trait you look for in people? I find i can't really build a lasting friendship with people who aren't easy going. I don't much like spending time with highly-strung or overly aggressive people.

the letter q

whats your favorite quote? Oh God, this meme suddenly took a turn for the literate. I don't remember quotes.
does time seem to pass quickly or slowly? Quickly. I never seem to have enough time in the day to do things i want to do, even though clearly i spend a lot of the time procrastinating.
are you quick to judge people? Sure. I think everyone is, secretly. I just make an effort not to let my judgement impact the way i treat people.

the letter r

do you think you’re always right? No.
do you watch reality tv? Yes, but more of the talent show type than the putting people in an awkward situation type.
whats a good reason to cry? Whenever you feel like crying, that's a good time to cry.

the letter s

do you prefer sun or rain? Sun, 100%. Rain sucks.
do you like snow? Snow also sucks, but it sucks less than rain because the wet is only on the ground instead of all through your clothes.
what’s your favorite season? Spring.

the letter t

what time is it? Just after 9am.
what time did you wake up? Around 7:30.
when was the last time you slept in a tent? Probably at a festival. That's pretty much the only time i sleep in a tent.

the letter u

are you wearing underwear? Yes.
do you prefer underwear or thongs? Just regular briefs are fine.
underwear or boxers? I don't much like those silky boxers, but "boy leg panties" can be comfortable. I don't have any right now, though, because they seem more rare in Europe and China than in North America.

the letter v

whats the worst veggie? Kale, i think. I will usually eat pretty much any vegetable, though. Even the worst vegetable isn't that bad.
where do you want to go on vacation? The whole point to come back to North America was to be able to travel across Canada, also maybe to parts of the US i haven't been before (deep south), so if the pandemic ever ends, i might still do that. I have to admit i am really missing Europe, though, and China. I would definitely go back to Taiwan.
where was your last vacation to? I dunno, i don't tend to take specific vacations, i just quit my job and go to a place. I guess the last (and perhaps only) "real" vacation i had was to Namibia for 2 weeks.

the letter w

what’s your worst habit? Procrastinating.
where do you live? BC.
what’s your worst fear? Didn't we already do this? Losing my mind, or losing my autonomy.

the letter x

have you ever had an x-ray? Sure, loads of them.
have you seen the x-games? I don't think i ever deliberately watched it, but flicking channels i'm sure i watched some kids jump around on BMXes and skateboards for a bit.
do you own a xylophone? What? No.

the letter y

do you like the color yellow? Yeah, it's great in architecture. Warm and happy.
what year were you born in? 1980.
whats one thing you yearn for? For this pandemic to end so people can travel freely again. Then, after that, for open borders. Everywhere. People should not have to get documentation to travel or move countries, it's so backwards.

the letter z

whats your zodiac sign? Aquarius.
do you believe in the zodiac? No.
what’s your favorite zoo animal? I think zoos are incredibly cruel and should not exist. My favorite zoo animals are the ones who escaped back to the wild. But if this question is about favorite wild animals... i like African bush elephants. They just look thoughtful and expressive. Plus they roam around slowly in wide open spaces, which i like to do too.
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