amw (amw) wrote,

A glimpse at my fridge, March 2021, BC

Apologies to those of you who will get this twice. This is also going to the glimpseatmyday community.

What's behind the white door?

Some of you may remember previous glimpse at my day posts from when i lived in China. I am now in Canada, so my grocery shopping has adapted a bit. Here is an "honest photo" of my fridge, exactly as it was when i opened it after breakfast this morning.

I live alone and go shopping every 3-4 days. I don't like to buy in bulk, and i don't like buying in advance. Who knows what might happen tomorrow? Maybe something comes up and i won't be around, then all the food would be wasted.

In the door of the fridge we have a bottle of Ribena, a jar of capers, Lao Gan Ma black bean chili sauce, and some Taiwanese 豆瓣醬 doubanjiang.

I don't really like sweet drinks, but the Ribena was a Christmas gift from my landlord, which i am slowly making my way through. Lao Gan Ma is a critical ingredient for cooking greens, i eat it almost every day. Doubanjiang is used for making mapo tofu and some other Sichuan style food. The jar of capers is one of my morning salt sources (the other is soy sauce).

Top shelf is vegan cheese, tempeh, coffee, hummus, peanut butter, silky tofu.

Vegan cheese is one of those things i got into since moving back to North America. It's a useful thing to have around to add a bit of weight to breakfast. Usually for breakfast i have peanut butter and cheese on a couple of rice cakes or a bread roll. I buy 100% peanuts peanut butter, which is why i also need that salt source to season it a bit. Interestingly, i almost always leave the peanut butter on the counter to avoid it getting too hard to spread, but today for some reason i absent-mindedly put it in the fridge.

The rest of the stuff is pretty standard.

Middle shelf is jalapeños, cucumber, baby bok choy.

One of the most frustrating things living in North America is buying greens. I normally hate to buy imported produce because it seems so wasteful, but even here in BC which is something like 20% East/Southeast Asian, Asian greens tend to be imported (from México). But, i choose to splurge, because bok choy is packed full of nutrients, and it cooks up way nicer than western cabbage or spinach.

Now, i know what y'all are thinking. Oh, amw, why is there nothing on your bottom shelf? Well, you have a point. The bottom shelf is where i normally stash my booze, but because i accidentally drank it all on Wednesday night, i needed to make a quick trip to re-up.

Here's the liquor store haul. 6 pack of Cariboo (local beer). 2 of the new watermelon White Claws to give me that summertime feeling. 1 tall boy of Colt 45, for Friday night efficiency.

Now, it's time for me to cook dinner and crack one of those beers.

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