amw (amw) wrote,

i just need to have a quick covid whine

So, the pandemic, eh?

Reading LiveJournal is giving me a warped perspective because it seems in the US and the UK they're giving out vaccines in cereal boxes.

Here in Canada we just broke 12% vaccinated, but that's only first dose - we're not giving second doses - and still only seniors and indigenous. Right now we are down to 73+, and i think they just opened it up to 18+ in indigenous communities due to increased risk. 40+ and off the rez? It's going to be a long wait.

Meanwhile, we just slammed into the third wave. When i arrived in BC last year in July, they'd gotten the first wave under control, and by the time i got out of quarantine, restaurants and bars were open, with mandatory masking and physical distancing requirements. The second wave started at Thanksgiving and peaked before Christmas, then we stalled out at around 300 cases a day for a couple months. But in the last week we've suddenly rocketed up to over 800 new cases a day.

The government just instituted a circuit breaker lockdown, with a blanket ban on all indoor dining, period. This is the heaviest lockdown i've experienced since February 2020. It's basically the same as those early days in Shenzhen, with restaurants only allowed to serve at outdoor tables.

Fortunately, i haven't gone to a restaurant in months due to trying to save my money, but it still feels like a new and depressing weight on our shoulders. The sun might be back, but normal times most assuredly are not. In fact, it's worse than ever. So this fucking sucks.

This has been your hump day update from the Great White North.
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