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more covid whining

So, here in Canada, the sky is falling. The coronavirus third wave has hit. In BC we are getting 1000 new cases a day, more than ever before. In Ontario they're around 4000. It's gotten so bad over there that they just threw open the doors to vaccinate everyone in a handful of hot zones. One of my friends lives in a hot zone and will be getting her first vaccination on Wednesday. I live in BC, where we only just opened it up to 65 and older. And anyway my town isn't a hot zone. We are still counting active cases in the tens. Nevertheless, we're doing our part, masking and distancing and closing our restaurants like it's March 2020. The reality is things are worse now than they were in March 2020.

Canada is keeping pace with the EU in number of doses per head of population, but unlike the EU we are only giving single doses, which means our actual fully-vaccinated rate is more comparable with Latin America. Which i suppose is still better than Africa, Asia and Australia, although perhaps there's less urgency there since they generally controlled the virus pretty well.

Whiny-ass snowbirds are complaining that they have to do a three day quarantine in a designated hotel when they return, which, basically, fuck off. I quarantined two fucking weeks in a hotel last year. Don't pretend you can't afford to quarantine when you just spent the winter in your second home in Arizona or Florida or wherever, and probably snagged a vaccine down there too, for fuck's sake.

The land border is still closed in theory, but it seems more and more people are finding "essential" reasons to cross. I heard some folks in Windsor have wangled trips over the bridge to get vaccinated in Detroit, although now that Windsor has been declared a hot zone it probably won't happen as much.

So, really the news is no news. We're still on track for the same vaccination schedule that was announced months ago: 40+? Wait for Q3. Yo. I am waiting.

I am staying busy by working hard for 24-32 hours each week, then drinking hard for two days, then in the extra time i am procrastinating online and wishing that i could break free of this shit.

I am already sick of Canada. Or maybe i am just sick of being stuck in the same place. I think i start to hate anywhere after 6 months. I am definitely sick of fucking lockdowns. I do feel brief moments of happiness when i go out on a bike ride, but i know in my heart that i am just treading water. The only reason i am still here is because i'm waiting for a fucking vaccination, which i might not even get the second dose until God knows when.

Seriously, if it'll be winter before the second dose, i'm done, fuck Canada, i'm fucking flying down to the Caribbean like all those circuit party gays and spring breakers who didn't give a shit.

I hate so much that i am working right now. I am grateful to be earning money, for sure. It will be useful. But emotionally, the thought that i am 40 (well, 41) now and there is at least another 20 years of this, it just makes me want to kill myself. Working is truly the worst possible way to occupy my time. I'd rather just lie in front of the computer reading Wikipedia all day.

Or listening to the Pirate History Podcast. I started the Pirate History Podcast, by the way. It is very good. I'd rather close my eyes and imagine myself on a desert island than open my eyes and deal with reality. It's still cold outside and even though we have a beach there is no bar on it. Even if there was, our government has requested everyone stay home.


By the way, my imaginary desert island has a bar on it. And also a palm tree, and drinks that are served in a coconut shell. And it is definitely the fuck warmer than 7°C.
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