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what should i do with the vaccine?

This week the BC government opened the registration for first round COVID vaccinations to 40+, so i signed up first thing Monday morning and got my special number. They haven't told me when the slot will come open, but current estimates for 40+ are (still) May/June.

But recently the government also activated the American strategy of distributing vaccinations in parallel via local pharmacies - AstraZeneca only. This week that option opened up to 40+ as well, but you have to manually register with every pharmacy you want to get in the waiting list at. I'm not in that much of a rush, so if i did go on a waiting list, it would be the pharmacy where i got my flu shot, next to the grocery store.

The thing is, do i want to put myself on two different waiting lists, like an asshole?

Actually, if my name comes up on one list but i already got vaccinated through the other one, i suppose i'd just tell the other one to move on to the next person. So there's not much downside.

Maybe i just answered my own question.

Anyway, it is very exciting that waiting lists have opened up.

It is less exciting that the premier has announced a full-blown travel ban till May 24. Camp sites have been requested to cancel bookings from out of province. BC Ferries is no longer selling RV tickets. Hotels and motels have been asked to only check in people whose residence is within the same health authority. The police won't be setting up checkpoints or doing raids, so it's essentially an honor system, but it's the most serious restrictions yet.

Since the lockdown that got put in place a week or two ago, new cases in the province are back under 1000 each day, but hospital cases and deaths are still lagging and not looking great. Ontario is still fucked.

Anyway, the point is, May 24 (pronounced "May Two Four") is the date people were hanging for. It's a holiday weekend in Canada, the day when you buy a 24 (pronounced "two four") of beer and sit out the back of your pickup truck to get drunk with your buddies because it's finally not winter any more. (I think actually it's the Canadian version of Queen's Birthday.) But, this year, May 24 is canceled.

So, yeah, i don't really have a strong motivation to push myself to the front of the vaccination line, since i have almost zero contact with people in my personal life right now, and i won't be able to travel or do much till June at the earliest anyway. Good times.
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