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more covid updates

If i hadn't spent most of this week dithering...

The demand for AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has exceeded the current supply available in B.C. pharmacies. All the current AstraZeneca vaccine supply is expected to be fully used by next week. There are currently no appointment bookings available at pharmacies participating in the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Right, then. So the pharmacy option is out, for now.

Meanwhile people keep dying of COVID in BC, including people much younger than me. The good news is that there are only about 50 cases in my town, so it's extremely unlikely i will be exposed, for now. People in the Vancouver suburbs aren't so lucky.

The government banned flights from India and Pakistan, which is a bit of a nuclear option imo. I wish they would still let people travel, but just enforce the quarantines. The two week quarantine has theoretically been in place for a year, but there are still myriad stories of people ignoring it, or "quarantining" with all their friends and family at home, or getting a waiver because their job is "essential" (notably cross-border truck drivers and shuttle bus drivers, who are ferrying returning snowbirds and holidaymakers across the land border so folks can avoid the designated quarantine hotels that are now mandated for air arrivals).

The common thread in the countries that actually were able to contain this pandemic is strict enforcement of travel restrictions. And, although freedom of movement is my number one freedom, although i am all-in for no borders, kein mensch ist illegal, squatter's rights, right to roam etc etc... I am really fucking tired of living through a second wave, and now a third wave, because the government is politely asking people to be responsible and a small percentage who don't give a shit are circumventing the advice, thereby fucking it up for everyone else. I get it, i really do get it. Freedom is more important than the health of some old and sick people. Being able to travel is necessary for the mental health of habitual wanderers. Dear fucking lord, do i get it. I get it. But also... was it worth it? Now that we are a year into this?

The new round of proposed travel bans has resulted in the police and the government getting into a shitfight with one another because the government is prioritizing the health of the populace, but the police are worried about being seen as the bad guys for being made to enforce roadblocks. . <-- This is me playing the world's tiniest violin for the police. The same police who break up indigenous roadblocks in two seconds flat. Who all y'all policing for, motherfuckers? Sure ain't the people. But cars, trains, pipelines, gotta make sure that oil keeps flowing, right?

For fuck's sake.

Anyway, Happy Friday.
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