amw (amw) wrote,

uppercase rebellion

i had a treasure box as a child
where i kept magazine clippings
and other such treasures

i took a lot of clippings of america
it's what made me fall in love with the place

(as if hollywood and holly johnson hadn't done enough)

i will never forget the cities i had clippings of

reno, nevada
dallas, texas
miami, florida
seattle, washington
albuquerque, new mexico

i never had an interest in the important american cities
new york, dc, chicago, la
maybe i'd even throw a bone to san fran, houston and atlanta
as being important

none of them drew me
i liked the sunsets
and the skylines

if your skyline looks good in the sunset
i am much more likely to be interested
to visit your town

my new postcard for the treasure box is jacksonville, florida
i only know they have good sunsets
because i watch wrestling

since i was a child
i've now been to dallas, reno and seattle
they all were not as good as the pictures

but i've also been to important towns
like new york and chicago
both overrated

la, i loved la
although i only visited some hours
so it should be a grain of salt

reno, reno, i looked at many photos of reno

i've only been there in person once, i think
walking from the greyhound to the amtrak
or from the amtrak to the greyhound
or some damn thing
i wasn't there very long

reno reminds me of the town i live now

i have a glimpse at my day collection i took today
i will post it tomorrow
if my hangover isn't the worst

my hangover will surely be the worst

it's friday
there is a lockdown
nothing is open
how much worster could it get?

remind me to talk to y'all about köppen climate classifications
i think i made a post about them last time i was drunk
but i didn't post it
for reasons
i do not remember
Tags: american dream, i am durnk

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