amw (amw) wrote,

drunken song of the friday

in a nod to my lesbian years
and a nod to my toronto years
and a nod to my secret folk music standom

The Forgotten City Trailer Part 2

this is ani difranco - trickle down (1999)

all y'all rust belt living motherfuckers know what she's talking about
but it's same out west

i legit got excited by a news article the other day
that said the sawmill in quesnel was reopening

that's a nearby town
whose jobless
and homeless
came here

after the fires
after the landslides
after the plant shut down


this third wave
we still got more deaths
from overdose
than covid

fucking fentanyl

i suppose it's a place to go
for people who don't have anywhere to go
any more
Tags: canada fuck yeah, i am durnk

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