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Sunday Funday photo

Taken near the church on the rez. The line is the CN branch that heads down to the Okanagan. It used to extend all the way to Kelowna, but that run was abandoned years ago. CN took over part of the route and now runs a short general manifest to Vernon once or twice a week. I've rolled up next to it a few times on my bike, both on the rez near the yard and out east where it can spend a lot of time waiting for the green light to get on the CP main line.

Our town briefly got in the national news today because the Ministry of Transportation is trialing bicycle strips across the cattle guards. For people who've never lived in the country before, cattle guards (or cattle grids) are wide metal grates that are put across roads in ranch country to discourage cows from wandering into the neighbor's field when they are being herded across the road. Cars and trucks can drive over them, but cows would fall into the gaps and get stuck, so they stay away. (On the odd occasion cows do get stuck, the local news sometimes shows up to report on the folks trying to haul them out.)

Anyway. Apparently some local cyclists complained that the cattle grids were fucking up their carbon fiber road bikes, so the government is trialing perpendicular metal strips, like little tightropes that you can cycle across. I have to say, i don't think i'd be cycling a spectacularly expensive carbon fiber bike down that kind of pot-holed ranch road in the first place, but i know pedaling my aluminum hybrid over those things causes some serious teeth-chattering, and even walking across them as a pedestrian is a fucking pain in the ass, so if it takes a few rich, road cycling enthusiasts to make the road a little more comfortable for the rest of us, i'm cool with that.

Maybe next they can look at fixing the parts of Canada that are literally unpassable on a bike, due to human-powered vehicles being banned on several stretches of the Trans-Canada Highway.

So, i went for a bike ride. I did not trial the new cattle grid cycle strip. I did a quick loop up to the CN yard, then sat on a largely abandoned overpass and played harmonica. On my way home i noticed the snow must've melted, or maybe there's a dam upstream that they drained, because the river is high and full of scum. (Note: this is not the same river that filled up with foam due to the dingbats who thought it was a smart idea to put laundry detergent on their rooves to kill moss. Canada, eh, more than just a place where beavers eat your internet.)

I skipped a beer on the beach because there are too many people outside on the weekends. Happy Sunday. I have to work again tomorrow, but it might turn out to be a surprise holiday because in Germany they had Mayday over the weekend. It's nice working European part-time hours in North America. People here work way too much.

On May 6 they are going to start vaccinating 50+. My age group must surely only be a few weeks away now. I have no idea when they will start giving second doses. Some people have been waiting since January. Travel bans and checkpoints till May 24 anyway, so the waiting continues.
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