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So uni has started again. I've gotten on the ball and finally gotten some response back from the degree administrator... this WILL be my last unit. Thank fucking Christ. It's a project unit, i handed in my proposal today. I'm really not looking forward to going back to that hell of working 9 hours a day then coming home and working 2 more but at least in 3 months it'll all be over.

If the proposal is accepted i'll be developing a drum machine in Java. Seems simple, but it's always 100x more drama than you think, especially for uni stuff where everything needs to be painstakingly documented. Blah. I may need beta testers in a couple months but ;-)

Plan that's been bubbling recently... as well as the mass Brissy trip to Mardi Gras being planned for next year, a couple of us are strongly considering going to Earthcore in November. Never been to Melbourne, so it'd be pretty nifty, and you really can't go wrong with Simon P, FSOL, System 7, Eat Static, Juno Reactor, Phil Hartnoll, Tsuyoshi etc etc. It'll be an adventure!!!
Tags: my boring life, raving

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