amw (amw) wrote,

thank god it's thursday

This week i have juggled doctorin', cleanin', workin' and socializin', due to the house sale thingy. Today was the day that the estate agent did a walkthrough, and the market's so hot a first prospective buyer came through too.

Earlier in the week i went to get a blood test done and checked out a coffee shop that's on a corner that gets a ton of sun, then headed back there today to work for a few hours.

It was nice to be out in a coffee shop again. I haven't really been out and done much around other people since October or November last year. Our province's new case rate has dropped to about 150 per day again, which is finally back to the numbers around the start of the second wave. Granted, in all of that time our town has just been dropping 3 cases here, 7 cases there, so we are really not affected by the pandemic infections-wise. More dead from overdose etc etc. But the lockdown rules are set up on the province level, so it is what it is.

Coronavirus aside, the real reason i have barely gone anywhere since last year is because winter really is That Damn Long. Fuck fucking Canada, for serious.

Anyway, yeah, so today i went back to the coffee shop and ordered a "pour over" which is a fancy name for they brew you a pot of drip coffee and then give you the whole carafe. It's not a French press, but it's probably the next best thing.

The music in the coffee shop was funky disco hipster not-really-techno, which is pretty insipid compared to really-really-techno, but when you live in a town where most places only play classic rock (parents) or hip-hop (kids), it's kinda special. All y'all Americans know what's up. This flop part of the world where stuff like MGMT - Electric Feel still seems edgy, for crying out loud.

There was one new song they played which was apparently a huge hit last year in Australia, but because i didn't go anywhere i never heard it before. I really liked it. Check it.

Tame Impala - Lost in Yesterday (Official Video)

when we were living in squalor / wasn't it heaven / back when we used to get on it / four outta seven

Yo. That hits close to home.

It's a modern retro take on Aussie synthpop which surely takes a lot of influence from my fave of the last wave of the same revival.

Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People (Official Music Video)

I forget that when you don't live in Europe you don't get to listen to house music or techno just randomly anywhere that you go, so you have to make do with this sort of milquetoast synthpop disco stuff that appeals to people weaned on rock music. I guess they like it more than "serious" electronic music because there are words in it.

I am done. I am so, so fucking done. I was able to log on and look at my blood test results and i don't need the doctor to tell me that my B12 is low. Vegan problems. I will buy a supplement. But that's not why i'm tired. I am tired because i had to spend altogether too many days this week putting on the smile and interacting with people. I'm fucking over it, man. Fuck.

So, tonight i am rewarding myself by getting drunk. I already scheduled it in with my landlord. There will be no knocks on the door or requests to clean this or repair that tomorrow. I am getting ripped and i don't fucking care. Fuck fucking everything. I am donezo. Done done donezo. Tomorrow i will have an awful hangover, but tonight i am just letting all the stress, the emotions, the sadness, it's time to let everything drain out.

Oh, i got new hair too.

Tags: alcoholism, depression, music, my boring life

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