amw (amw) wrote,

air conditioning is bollocks

So, it's another 45 degree day here in my little BSk desert strip of the BC Interior, and it is toasty out.

One thing i find infuriating is that it's pretty well-established that these high temperatures are a result of human-caused climate change... And so of course the first things that humans do when they encounter higher temperatures is turn on the air conditioning.

Like. What part of human-caused climate change are people missing here? Let's solve an excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by turning on devices that belch out even more greenhouse gases? For fuck's sake.

This is why humanity is doomed. People see the effects of climate change right in front of their noses, but instead of taking that as a warning to lower their emissions, they literally start emitting more, because it makes their day a little more comfortable.

Don't even get me started about people watering their gardens when there is a drought. The selfishness is off the charts.

Fortunately, i do not live in drought country here. Or, not exactly. The river that runs through town is nearly overflowing because the higher temperatures melted a bunch of snow on the Rockies that doesn't normally melt. So i don't feel too bad about drinking a bit more water than usual, since otherwise it would just flow down into the sea. But i still think it's a dick move for people to leave their sprinklers on all day to maintain green lawns in a part of the world where the native plants are bunchgrasses and sagebrush scrub and that's fucking it.

Tags: news, rants

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