amw (amw) wrote,

Dear Americans,

Please write your representatives and ask them to open the goddamn land border.

From August 9, fully-vaccinated Americans will be allowed to visit Canada. Over the land border. From September 7 we will open up to people from every city, from every nation, from Lake Geneva to the Finland Station. But American lawmakers have decided that Canadians are still not allowed across the land border, until August 21 at the earliest.

Of course, people who can afford plane tickets can apparently fly over, avoiding the whole thing.

Great pandemic controls, everyone. Slaps on the back all round.

I suppose i don't have to mention the difference between infection rates in urban areas where the international airports are and rural areas where most of the land crossings are.

(I'll deliberately ignore the related vaccination rate discrepancy, since i'm having a rant.)

Anyway. No borders. Kein Mensch ist illegal. Smash the state. Etc etc.
Tags: american dream, canada fuck yeah, news

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