amw (amw) wrote,

the forecast still isn't great

In the past 2 months there has been about 10mm of rain. Most of which fell at the start of June, before the record-breaking heatwave. In July we had 0.8mm, total. Normally i would be very happy that there is no rain, because rain fucking sucks.

However. Because the whole damn region is on fire, i'm kinda hoping that today's pathetic dribble will help douse some of the fires.

It's actually not the fires per se that are the problem. Yes, the entire village of Lytton burned down. But outside of that, the fires themselves have been relatively manageable. The problem is the smoke.

Every single day for weeks and weeks our air quality has been completely off-the-charts for PM2.5 pollutants. There's rarely any sun in the sky because the smoke is so thick. You can't really tell what time of day it is. Sometimes it's like being in thick fog, except going outside for just a few minutes feels like smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. There is a thin film of ash covering everything. If you wipe it off, it will be back in an hour.

I bought a tall stack of N95 masks which i am avoiding wearing until i move out. From August 14 i will be homeless and i will have no choice but to breathe that smoke for at least several hours each day, and that's assuming i have somewhere indoors to stay overnight.

I suppose i could just cycle across town and stay in a motel until the smoke dissipates, but they're saying it could be September. The longer i leave it, the closer it gets to winter, and then i will have a tough time cycling anyway. Assuming the US border actually opens, i need to be across the border and get somewhere with tolerable temperatures by end autumn. If the border doesn't open, fuck my life.

This is a photo of my recent experiment cycling in glasses instead of contacts. I was worried i'd have no peripheral vision, but it was fine. And the smoke didn't make me want to claw my eyes out. That was from the day the house inspector came. He ended up showing up in the afternoon instead of the morning, so downstairs neighbor J, landlord L and i all sat in the yard drinkin' booze and smokin' cigarettes and sharin' stories while he went through. It does seem better to suffer with other people.

Yesterday we all met up again. The house has officially been sold now. We ate some trout that J had caught in the lakes around here. L was also given some rabbit from the real estate agent to celebrate the sale, so that's tomorrow's special meal. Today it's my other downstairs neighbor's birthday and they're doing drinks, but i can't swing another one. I am socially tapped out. I need to sit in front of my computer and mope about the smoke for a while. Mope mope mope. Smoke smoke smoke. It sucks.
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