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And so ends my crazy weekend... Up at 5am Thursday to fly to Melbs, work all day, drink all night, dance with the beautiful people at random Chapel St night clubs, pass out in Prahran, meet sister on Friday, give in to buying pants at Strange Days, check in to St Kilda backpackers, more beers with the hardtrance nutters at Bass Station overnight, into the CBD Saturday morning, record shopping, plane back to Brissy, have a shower, back out to a very trashy night at the RG and The Beat. Spent waaaaay too much money on alcohol and had way too much fun for my own good.

I really need to get down there for a proper holiday and enjoy it without trying to get everything done in 24 hours. Wander along Chapel St without a hangover. Go have nice dinner somewhere, like that Mexican place that was in the queer zine i read on the plane back. Sit in the park for a bit and breathe. Visit Brunswick St and all the suburbs i missed. Go to the gay clubs. Go to doofs. Maybe even venture into that fetish club my sister apparently frequents (haha!) What a fun place. Just hurts my head the whirlwind excursion that i had. Need more time to breathe.

So tomoz it's back to work and the stress again. Tax return soon. I blew my car budget on eating and drinking and being merry this weekend so i guess the return'll be making up for that. Then hopefully HECS is all paid off too which means lower taxes... plus the $6 per week tax break... might actually give me enough money to cut a chunk out of these credit cards *sigh* But then next weekend is Valley Fiesta and then there's this and that and the next thing and something always comes up but it doesn't matter because i'm having fun damnit.
Tags: alcoholism, manic, my boring life, raving, travel

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