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dithering around enderby picture post

Here is my picture post for the previous entry's adventures around Enderby. Despite the grumpy face, i have to admit the scenery is exactly what most people come to BC to enjoy. It wasn't all bad. The people i met were the nicest and most interesting so far.

All the farms around here have "fire" barrels out front. Don't believe the label - there isn't any fire inside, only water.

Here it is, Hidden Lake lake in all its rain-drenched glory.

Just look at it! All those rotting tree corpses!

To add insult to injury, the ground was muddy as hell but somehow also not deep enough to peg down my tent. Fortunately, there were boulders around to hold the fly out.

After a very cold and wet night, breakfast of champions: cold porridge with some dried mango slices. I never felt more Canadian.

Bombing down the logging road in the morning.

Back on a regular road, heading out to Cooke Creek.

This is a poorly-exposed picture, but it was a motion shot and it's an important one. There is an issue in North America that is referred to in the US as MMIW and in Canada as MMIWG - missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Indigenous women are murdered at rates far higher than other demographics, and the police do not tend to spend a lot of time or energy investigating. Some of them have been targeted by known serial killers, but others just "disappear". This graffiti on the road is questioning where Caitlin Brandy Potts of the Samson Cree First Nation went. She was last heard from in 2016.

To cool down from the last image, here is a voyeuristic snapshot of a salmon fisherman on Shuswap River.

A wider view, looking back to my campsite.

Relaxing on the river.

Halfway up the logging road trying to find a bar of mobile signal.

Biking into the Okanagan.

Alley in Vernon.

Hanging out in my Supernatural motel parking lot.

I've consulted the maps, and it seems like from Kelowna to Penticton there is no option but to take the highway. There are some very steep and sandy logging roads and mountain bike trails that go up to the Kettle Valley Railway the back way, but they might be too much for a loaded touring bike. I'm really struggling to find anywhere to camp. I might just have to suck it up and stay in motels along the highway for the next day or two. I miss the backcountry already! I take it all back! Rain on me again!
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