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okanagan picture post

Here are some pictures of getting through the southbound Okanagan leg of my tour.

First, Kalamalka Lake. It's right next to Vernon and the rail trail is very flat and well-maintained - easy to walk (or rent a bike) and explore right from downtown. Look at those colors!

Even though i had to visit a bike store in Kelowna to fix my tire, i stuck to my plan of mostly avoiding the city due to the COVID outbreak, so camped at Bear Creek, which is a provincial park that overlooks the city.

The logging road out of Kelowna was brutal. This is an uncharacteristically flat section.

At one point i was so frustrated with the logging road i tried to take a singletrack mountain bike trail instead, which was actually a much smoother ride, until i reached a series of jumps that would've sucked to push my bike over.

Eating a picnic halfway up the logging road.

Finally at the top, on the Kettle Valley Railway.

This is an interesting picture of a burnt tree from a wildfire that happened a few years ago. In the background you can see a fire happening right now, probably the Peachland blaze across the lake.

Here is a picture of what it looks like to try dry off my gear before packing it away, in the meager sun that there is through the smoke and clouds.

Chute Lake, up on the KVR. The water here was very irony. (Like goldy or bronzey, only made of iron...)

I was really tempted to cycle down this powerline right of way, but stuck to the main trail.

More KVR, you can see how the cliff just drops off right next to the trail.

Coming down into Penticton past the vineyards.

Eating dinner at an Indian restaurant.

After my break in the Similkameen, i am going to drive along highway 3 to Osoyoos and US border - my original destination and a bucket list spot for me. Unfortunately the Nk'mip Creek fire is still raging in Osoyoos, and the US border is not open, so fuck my life, but i'm going to go there anyway just to say that i did. Then back north to the KVR.
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