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into the kootenays picture post

Okay, let's get one more picture post in to round off my first fortnight.

The opening shot is me in front of a road tunnel that got abandoned when they put the highway through. But the real pride of the past couple days was this shot - looking back on Osoyoos and the Anarchist Mountain climb from halfway up. There's still 10km to go.

Here's a piece of relatively flat area, looking at the ranch land.

Last push over Anarchist.

Coming into Rock Creek on the KVR.

Singletrack behind a farmer's field on the KVR.

Just a pretty river reflection.

I'll take the high road (on the C&W), and you take the low road (on the highway).

Going right through the middle of a farmer's field on the C&W.

Cycling up a random logging road trying to find a space with no trees so i can actually see the view.

This is the view that greeted me after getting out of the tunnel.

A wider shot of what the rail trail looks like on the edge of a cliff.

Ski hut!

Old railrod trestle leading out of Grand Forks.

On the grasslands between Grand Forks and Christina Lake.

Crossing another trestle near Christina Lake.

Alright it's 6:30am. I need to eat breakfast, pack up my gear and tackle this C&W climb to Paulson, then that's the last stop before deciding to drop on the highway to Castlegar or continue up the C&W into the backcountry. Should be back online on Friday in any case.
Tags: canada fuck yeah, travel

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